Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. Product, product quality

Luvamaa Oy sells products for amateur gardening and professional plant cultivation: seeds, bulbs and flower roots, onion sets, cuttings and seedlings of decorative crops, as well as other related products for gardening and landscaping.

1.1. The seeds of vegetables and flowers are delivered in colorful packaging from well-known European manufacturers with information about quantity of seeds, shelf life and a brief description of the technology of sowing and growing. Most of the seeds are packed in foil packaging, which contributes to the best preservation of seed quality. Germination of seeds is guaranteed by manufacturers and meets the standards adopted in the EU. Seeds in large packaging for professional cultivation are also supplied in packaging of manufacturers and meet quality standards. Seeds are sold throughout the year.

1.2. Bulbs and roots of ornamental and edible plants and seedlings are supplied depending on the season. Information on the timing of receipt of seasonal goods is published on the site. This product for amateur gardeners is delivered in colorful informative packaging of manufacturing companies, indicating the name, variety, planting dates on the label. Product quality meets EU standards.

1.3. Fertilizers, plant protection products are supplied in the packaging of manufacturing companies with expiration date markings and brief instructions for use.

1.4. Flower pots and other utensils for growing plants, tools and other products are supplied in the packaging of the manufacturer, if it availiable in stock, and have warranty periods in accordance with the manufacturer's warranty.


2. Payment for the products.

2.1. Products are paid in the online store in any roads. We work with the Finnish company Paytrail Oyj. The rules can be found here: https://www.paytrail.com/kuluttaja/maksupalveluehdot

2.2. Professionals and other products may be invoiced for payment. Request an invoice by email info@luvamaa.fi

2.3. Persons over 18 years old can order goods.

2.4. When making payments on the Internet, the client must be aware of the general security rules applicable to all Internet payments.

2.5. If you have problems with payment, be sure to contact us by e-mail.



3.1. The price of the product.

3.1. The price of products is indicated in euros. The price of products includes ALV 24%.

3.4. The price of the products in the online store includes all costs for the formation of the order and postal services.

3.5. The price of postage within Finland depends on the volume and weight of the package.

letter up to 250 gr  - 3.90 euros

package up to 5 kg  - 7.90 euros

parcel from 5 to 35 kg  - 9.90 euros.

3.6 When ordering seeds in small colorful bags from 40 euros or more, the seller pays the postage.


4. Shipment of goods.

4.1. The products are sent to the buyer during 1-5 working days after receipt of payment, depending on seasonal workload. Delivery time by mail depends on the work of post office and usually takes 2-4 business days within the country.


4.2. Pickup is possible from the warehouse at the address: Revonkatu 2, 55420 Imatra. In the case of pickup, payment for delivery is not required. Pickup time is agreed by e-mail info@luvamaa.fi or SMS message to the phone number listed on the site. We recommend that you take seedlings and live plants from the warehouse if it possible.

4.3. In the absence at the time of payment of the goods published on the site as available, this product is sent to the buyer free of charge, immediately after receipt at the warehouse.

4.5. Shipment of goods that are currently not in warehouse, on an individual request and shipment of professional seeds may require a waiting period of approximately two weeks. Dates are agreed separately with the buyer.

4.6. If you need to receive goods outside Finland, contact us by e-mail in advance. Sending to EU countries where the general rules for plant quarantine apply is possible.

4.6. If you have not received an order confirmation, or the delivery time exceeds the usual delivery time, please contact us by e-mail.



5. Complaints and returns.

5.1. The client, in accordance with the Law on Consumer Rights, has the right to return the product within 14 days after receiving it. The product must be in its original packaging and not used. When returning, a bank account must be indicated on which a refund must be made, a copy of the order confirmation or its number.

5.2. If the goods were damaged or lost at the post office during shipment, complaints must be submitted by post. If you have received the wrong product that was ordered, be sure to contact us by e-mail within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods. We will make a replacement product at our expense.

5.3. As seeds, bulbs, and plant roots are a specific product, questions may arise about the quality of the product at a later date. If the seeds, for example, do not germinate well, we will accept and review the complaint. The complaint must be sent to us by e-mail, describing in detail how and in what conditions you grew the products purchased from us. If the manufacturer is guilty, the product will be replaced with another product as agreed with the buyer. However, we remind that such products require compliance with certain growing rules, which can be found in brief on the back of the package, in more detail on our website and other sources of information.

6. Terms and conditions of preorder

You can pre-order when the product becomes available from the online store.

Almost all products are in stock, except for some individual products that the online store has already ordered from our suppliers by a certain date. So, for example, in our online store it is possible to order flower bulbs or plant seedlings in advance. Flower bulbs are delivered for autumn planting from the last week of August. Pre-ordering allows you to receive the goods as soon as they arrive at our warehouse and the full range of products is available.

After placing a pre-order, the online store will send you an email confirming the date of shipment of the goods.

When you place an order, you will see a banner on our website informing you that this is a pre-order.

In most cases, the goods arrive at our warehouse under guaranty. But it must be borne in mind that some plants and flower bulbs may not be supplied to us for many objective reasons. If the goods you ordered did not arrive to us, we will contact you by email and agree with you to change the goods. If you do not agree to a refund, we will refund your payment to you.
If the number of products currently in the online store is not enough for you or you want to buy a product that is not in the current list, write us a message. We try to get these goods in our warehouse as soon as possible.


7. Marketing and personal data protection

6.1. In accordance with the law on confidentiality of 25.05.2018, our company is doing everything possible to keep your personal data safe in our records. You can always contact us by e-mail lavamaaoy@gmail.com. The official name of our company is Luvamaa Oy, Y-tunnus 3003078-8.

6.2. As we conduct sales on the Internet, we register our customers. This is necessary to improve service and provide our customers with more opportunities to save time on purchases. The client may at any time retire from our registry and we will not save information about him.

6.3. Messages sent to customers by our online store are related to ordering and delivery of goods. By accepting an e-commerce agreement in our online store, you agree to receive information about our store that will not be very often and intrusive.