Flower bulbs and tubers

Order flower bulbs in our online store for your garden or terrace. We select for you the most beautiful varieties that are easy to grow in your garden. Bulbs we supply depending on the season - bulbs for planting in the spring and bulbs for planting in the fall. In spring, you can order gladioli, dahlias, lilies, anemones, peonies, astilbe, phlox and other types of flowering plants. In the fall - tulips, daffodils, crocuses, hyacinths, muscari, decorative onions. Bulbs and tubers of flowers are packed in colorful packaging with a brief description of the planting technology, or are provided with a label from the manufacturer with the necessary information.

Bulbs and tubers for summer flowering are best planted in May, when the soil warms up. For these plants it is better to choose a well-lit, sunny place. Usually they grow on any cultivated soil, but best of all on light, sandy loam with a lot of humus. In loosened soil, it is recommended to add compost. If the soil is clay, it is advisable to add sand. When planting, one must also take into account that plants, especially large ones, will need a place. If you are going to plant bulbs and tubers in pots or boxes, keep in mind that the volume of the pot must be sufficient for the development of the plant. Information about the size of the plant is on the packaging and in the descriptions on our website.