• Tomato Primabella, BIO

Bred in Germany, this new cherry tomato has possibly the highest resistance to tomato blight (Phytophthora infestans) of any variety and is very well suited to outdoor growing where it will thrive. Interestingly, the fruit has a better flavour if grown outside rather than indoors! The bright red fruits have a crisp texture and a lovely sweet and juicy flavour. Hanging in dense bunches almost like grapes, the fruits are early to mature (early July outside is not unusual). The plants are vigorous and robust in habit. This is an indeterminate variety and best grown as a cordon (vine).  This variety can also be grown under protection.This seed has been organically produced. The seed has been harvested from plants that have themselves been grown to recognised organic standards, without the use of chemicals. No treatments have been used, either before or after harvest and the seed is supplied in its natural state. It has been certified and is labelled with the Organic symb.

Seeds from controlled organic production / DE-ÖKO-001, certified according to EC regulation No. 834/2007

Tomato Primabella, BIO

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