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Perennial Mallow Zebrina (Malva sylvestris)

A magnificent perennial with a pink striped look that will delight you with its lush flower blooms for many years. The cut flower, which comes from the Himalayas, is ideal for beds and containers. Attracts beneficial insects with its flowers up to 6 cm in size. An all-round successful decorative plant that adds another eye-catcher to your garden.

Location: sunny-partly shaded, well-drained, nutrient-rich, loose soil, protected from wind

Sowing: March-June outdoors, February-April protected, sowing depth: 0.5-1 cm, germination time: 7-14 days, germination temperature: 15-25°C

Care: Loosen the soil, keep it weed-free, water regularly, fertilize if necessary, avoid waterlogging

Flowering: regular pruning extends the flowering period, the best time to prune is when the first flowers open

Special features: the perennial mallow impresses with its pink flowers, important for insects, is suitable for cutting and as a bed and pot plant

Location: sunny - partially shaded

Annuality: perennial

Sowing time: February - April (indoors) / March - June (outdoors)

Flowering period: June - September

Growth height: approx. 1 m

Flower color: purple, pink

Package contents: suitable for approx. 30 plants

Malva sylvestris, Perennial Mallow Zebrina NEW! PREMIUM

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