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Oriental Poppy Red (Papaver orientale)

The large, bright red flowers look particularly beautiful in group plantings and in front of groups of trees. The oriental giant poppy is also suitable as a cut flower, but the best time to cut should be considered, for example when the buds begin to burst. The seed capsules can be used for dry binding.

Location: sunny, loose, nutrient-rich, permeable soil

Sowing: April-June pre-culture, germination time: 10-14 days, germination temperature: 18-20 °C, press on the surface (light germinator)

Care: Loosen the soil, keep it weed-free, water regularly, fertilize if necessary, avoid waterlogging

Flowering: the best time to prune is when the buds open; remove any wilted flowers completely

Special features: the hardy poppy is a bee pasture and bumblebee magnet, suitable for dry binding and cutting, and has high luminosity

Location: sunny

Annuality: perennial

Sowing time: April - June (in the house)

Flowering time: June - September (in the 2nd year)

Growth height: approx. 80 cm

Flower color: red

Package contents: enough for approx. 300 plants

Papaver orientale, Oriental Poppy Red NEW! PREMIUM

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