• Mirabilis jalapa, Miracle flower striped mix NEW! PREMIUM

Miracle flower striped mix (Mirabilis jalapa)

The 'Striped Mixture' exudes a wonderful scent in the garden or in the pot on the balcony. The exotic flowers reveal their true beauty over the course of the afternoon. In England it is therefore called the 'Four o'clock' flower. Like dahlias, the plant forms tubers that must be protected and kept frost-free in winter.

Location: Sunny, warm, permeable, nutrient-rich soil, protected from wind

Sowing: April-May outdoors, March-April protected cultivation, sowing depth: at twice the seed rate, germination time: 7-21 days, germination temperature: 18-22°C

Care: Loosen the soil, keep it weed-free, water + fertilize regularly, avoid waterlogging, store tubers frost-free or grow them as annuals

Flowers: Strongly fragrant flowers that open from the afternoon onwards; during the greatest heat of the day they are closed, possibly on stems

Special features: exudes a wonderful scent, bee pasture and bumblebee magnet, particularly grateful plant for the perennial bed, in pots and buckets

Location: sunny

Annuality: annual

Sowing time: March - April (indoors) / April - May (outdoors)

Flowering period: June - October

Growth height: up to 1 m

Flower color: mix

Package contents: enough for approx. 10 plants

Mirabilis jalapa, Miracle flower striped mix NEW! PREMIUM

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