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 Ildi cocktail tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum): perfect for hanging baskets, high yielding, very aromatic

'Ildi' is the perfect cocktail tomato outdoors. It impresses with yellow, pear-shaped fruits and massive yields. Up to 150 fruits (12-15 g) per plant is not uncommon. They are as digestible as sugar, soft and soft. Ideal for a snack. 'Ildi' is closely adapted to our climatic conditions and is grown like a stake tomato. Maximize the side arms.

Location: continuous supply of water and nutrients; Choose planters large enough and about 30 cm in diameter

Sowing: Place the seed tape 0.5 - 1 cm deep in the seed groove, moisten, cover well with soil and water again; if necessary, cut the seed ribbon into suitable pieces; Germination temperature: 20-25 ° C (cover the seed with foils); Germination time: 8-15 days

Treatment: water regularly and fertilize the liquid every 2 weeks

Harvest: from the end of July, the yellow fruit is steadily declining; Before the first frost, still choose green fruit and store in a dark and warm place, as green tomatoes ripen well in the dark

Special features: Never pour Ild with cold water, the water should be at least room temperature; Allow the leaves to dry during watering

Delivery size: 2 m seed tape

Location: sunny

Sowing time: March - April (greenhouse), April - May (outdoors)

Harvest time: July - September

Height: 50 cm

Cockatail tomato Ildi, seed tape SALE - 60%!

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